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Complex legal service


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Services within the framework of complex legal service

  • legal advice;
  • Monitoring of legislation related to the activities of the Client‘s company;
  • development and legal analysis of contracts, additional agreements;
  • development of internal documents, claims, letters, appeals, complaints, etc.;
  • preparation of documents for registration activities;
  • conducting negotiations with contractors and government bodies;
  • pre-trial and judicial protection; 

Service cost

The cost of subscriber legal service depends on the selected package of services. Contact KODEX specialists for more detailed information about the services.

The service includes

  • the provision of all services provided by the package on a monthly basis; 
  • the legal audit of the documentation of the Client‘s enterprise; 
  • free bringing the internal documentation of the client company to the ideal legal condition;
  • informing about all legislative changes related to the scope of the Client‘s activity. 

Law firm vs In-Hause lawyer

Why do I need subscription service?

Subscriber (corporate) service is a complex of legal services, which is provided monthly and in volume, according to the selected package of services.

Also, subscriber (corporate) service provides an opportunity to use the high-quality services of KODEX specialists on an ongoing basis.

Legal outsourcing, like accounting, began its rapid development since the beginning of the 2000s. Now, this is a universal mechanism for solving current legal problems. Thus, the lawyer assigned to the company provides all necessary consulting and legal services as an internal lawyer. At the same time, the head of the company does not need to bear the extra costs for maintaining the workplace, paying for holidays and sick leave, paying additional taxes. In most cases, the amount of wages of a good lawyer who can perform qualitatively complex legal work is from 10 000 - 15 000 UAH. 

With the use of subscriber legal services, all legal service packages are formed in such a way that the Customer receives all the necessary amount of services, while significantly saving money.

KODEX law firm has specialists in all industries. This means that the lawyer assigned to your company knows all the specifics and subtleties of the work of your field of activity.

Advantages and disadvantages of subscriber services

Virtually any process in business has its advantages and disadvantages. At its core, corporate legal services are legal outsourcing. Therefore, the comparison is considered in the plane of advantages and disadvantages before a internal lawyer or legal department.

The advantages of subscriber services:

  • This is cheaper than the maintaining of an internal lawyer.

When working with a law firm, the Client relieves himself of unnecessary costs for the leave of a lawyer, his sick leave, costs associated with maintaining the workplace, office, social benefits, etc. 

  • Lawyers of law firms are more experienced.

This is not about the number of years worked. Most of the tasks of an internal lawyer are monotypic. Lawyers of law firms almost every day have to deal with a variety of tasks, both in terms of goals and complexity. In this connection, the Client is always sure that even non-standard complex problems will be solved properly. 

  • Specialization is wider than that of an internal lawyer.

Even the best internal lawyer cannot be a specialist in all practices. In most cases, he or she does not need it. KODEX law firm has narrow-profile specialists in almost all practices. This is the guarantee of a qualitative and prompt resolution of the Client‘s problem. 

The advantages of an internal lawyer: 

  • The possibility to quickly set and adjust the task.

Perhaps, with the initial development of outsourcing, this was exactly the case. With the development of technology, this advantage has become doubtful. 

  • An internal lawyer can be entrusted with confidential information.

Very often the internal lawyer owns insider information, which the Client does not want to disclose to the third parties. KODEX law firm provides its clients with confidentiality guarantees. In this regard, if necessary, an additional confidentiality agreement is signed.

  • Execution of additional duties.

Quite often, internal lawyers perform not only legal work, but also additional tasks set by the manager. Also, their work is different from the classical legal. Like chief accountants, lawyers or heads of legal departments perform the function of business advisers.

Order a legal service from KODEX and evaluate all the advantages of such cooperation.