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Legal support during the enforcement procedures



Required documents

  • Executive document (writ of execution, order of the economic court);
  • The court decision (in case there is no executive document);
  • Power of attorney (notary certified - for individuals, simple written form - for legal entities). To draw up a Complaint against the actions of an executor, a power of attorney is not required.

Service cost

The cost of services depends on the volume of services provided. 

The service includes

  • preparation and filing of an application for the opening of an enforcement proceeding;
  • legal support for the execution of court decisions (preparation and filing of necessary procedural documents: applications, petitions, etc.);
  • control over the actions of the executor;
  • appeal against the actions of the executor in case of need;

3 myths of Enforcement

Additional Information:

It is important to know

The parties in enforcement proceedings are the recoverer and the debtor. As a rule, the claimant shows interest in the rapid execution of the court decision. But, in our opinion, many debtors should also pay attention to the procedure of enforcement proceedings, because if you ensure the maximum duration of the court decision execution, you can win the most important thing - time. We value the time of our clients.

KODEX law firm has a successful experience of representing interests in the enforcement proceedings of both the recoverer and the debtor.

Representation of the interests of the recoverer in the State Executive Service:

If you won a lawsuit, the best option is not to try to contact the State Executive Service by yourself. It is a stage when thanks to the correct legal approach you can lay the foundation for a quick, quiet and unhindered enforcement of the court decision in your favor.

That is why we propose to apply for qualified services to specialists of our company after receiving an executive document in court (court order, writ of execution).

The peculiarity of our company is that we have a rich experience of positively solving problematic issues arising during such procedures as compulsory execution of a court decision, acceleration of the procedure for the enforcement of a court decision.

The cost of this service is contractual and usually depends on how quickly you want to get the result according to the court decision.

Representation of the debtor's interests in the State Executive Service

This service is especially in demand in the following cases:

-  you lost the trial;

-  the executor seized bank accounts;

-  creditors try to foreclose on money resources; 

-  bank has levied an execution upon the property (apartment, car, villa house);

-  court made a decision to forcibly evict you from a dwelling, office or a decision about  compulsory return to apartments, etc. 

It is very important that you apply to us as soon as possible in order to have time to decide on the correct strategy of legal actions aimed at delaying, or in some cases even blocking, enforcement actions. 

The cost of this service is negotiable.

Legal assistance in resolving specific problem issues arising during the enforcement proceedings

Very often there are problems in the execution of a court decision or after its completion. For example, the need to lift the arrest from the accounts or property, conduct an appraisal of the seized property, carry out the sale of the debtor‘s property. This list of issues is not exhaustive, so please contact us in any situations.

We draw your attention to the fact that the legal company KODEX will confidently protect your interests in any department of State Executive Service of Ukraine in Kyiv, Kyiv region as well as during compulsory execution of decisions the implementation of enforcement proceedings on which falls within the competence of the Department of the State Executive Service.