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Other issues of individuals and legal entities / What documents are required to participate in the tender?
Tender documentation - a set of documents describing the terms and conditions of the tender contract with the winning bidder.

The package of documents included:
1. Description of the contract or the project, which will be signed with the winning bidder;
2. Invitation to tender with a must links to suppliers, orders for products, services, operations and contract terms;
3. Instructions suppliers;
4. Information Cards, which provide for the procedure, terms of preparation and submission of relevant applications to take part in the tender;
5. Requirements of the customer order to delivery, specification of the quantity, quality, product name, matching their standards and specifications;
6. Defined state, completed forms, information, bank guarantees.

In addition to the main list of documents is also added:
1. Copies of constituent documents;
2. Copies of the documents of the state registration;
3. The financial balance of the last reporting date;
4. Information on Fiscal Service that the company has no debts to the state budget;
5. Orders to representatives of the company;
6. Copies of licenses and patents - for those cases when trades sector falls under the definition of the license;
7. Help from the Unified State Register of the perpetrators of corruption in public procurement, which is issued by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine;
8. Background from the Unified State Register of persons who have committed corruption offenses (Help corruption).

Take part in the tender can advice that meet the standards.