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Other issues of individuals and legal entities / I'm interested in the theme of construction funds. Tell me, please, which points you should pay attention to what and how to watch out without problems receive as a result of his new home
First, it should be noted that construction financing, by investing money in the Fund construction financing (CFF) is the most common and the only legitimate way to invest money in the future apartment. Contract with a company that will use your money for building gives you many advantages and provides a legal basis. But we should invest their money in the first counter group. The market building were many examples of fraud on the part of developers and brokers, a prominent representative of which is the "Elite Center" that has left its investors in the sky. By investing process should be taken seriously and conduct pre-deployment training.

First of all, we should know which companies are governed by the same laws that govern investments and the companies that use them directly. The main legislative acts in this area are:

The Law of Ukraine "On investment activity";
Law of Ukraine "On financial and credit mechanisms and property management in housing construction and real estate transactions";
Law of Ukraine "On Financial Services and State Regulation of Financial Services Markets";
DKRFPU Order "On Approval of License conditions of installers to raise funds to finance the property management of construction and / or implementation of real estate"
The Law of Ukraine "On Architectural Activity";
From these rules can be found that such an agreement to participate in the FSF that its basic terms how companies are licensed intermediaries that mode of financing construction and refund.

Among the main advantages of participation in FFS are the following:

Steward (and a company you trust their money) can not entrust the implementation of asset management Principal others;
Investing governed by contract to participate in the CFF and CFF rules, which are in the public domain;
Steward can not use the funds received in administration inappropriately;
Steward monitors compliance builder technical specifications;
Steward accompanied by the Principal of the contract to the final calculations as a result of measurement in the ICE and transmission of documents for registration of ownership of the investee;
 The main risks are:

If funds from the accounts of the FSF were listed construction company and it went bankrupt, these funds may not return;
If the bankrupt financial company, access to funds FFS will be blocked and construction is suspended;
In general, in order to seamlessly receive the coveted apartment should carefully check the legality of the agent and the developer, to collect information on past projects of the company to which you have decided to apply. Carefully read the contract as well and financing rules that must be attached to the agreement, registered in the State. finuslug Commission and is in the public domain.

If you chose the company has successful completed and construction, is on the market long period of time or just for review does not permit the documents confirming the legality of its activities and hide additional contract terms should return to the selection and not to rush into signing the contract of participation in the CFF.