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Other issues of individuals and legal entities / How to donate the property to a minor?
In accordance with the Civil Code of Ukraine, according to the contract giving one party transfers or undertakes to transfer the property in the future for free in the property to another party.

Gifts can be movables, securities and immovable property.

Parties to the contract of gift may be individuals, legal entities, the state of Ukraine, the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, territorial communities.

Parents (adoptive parents), guardians have no right to give the property of their children, wards.

As for the donation contract, depending on what exactly you are going to give the law provides for certain restrictions of civil capacity of minors.

In fact, in your case, the minor will be party to the transaction, and, if it is different from the concept of small household, requires the consent of the parents or the guardianship authority, which is taken in the prescribed manner.


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