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Executory process / Artist eviction came with your camcorder. Does this make it right?
According to the Law of Ukraine "On Enforcement Proceedings", State Executive in the course of enforcement proceedings has the right to:
1) to verify implementation of debtors making enforceable in accordance with this Law;
2) to verify the performance of legal entities of all forms of ownership, individuals, individuals - entrepreneurs working in the decisions regarding their debtors;
3) to protect the interests of the creditor to obtain for free from bodies, institutions, organizations, officials, parties and participants in the enforcement proceedings is necessary to carry out enforcement actions explanations, information, and other information, including confidential;
4) freely enter the premises and the warehouse, owned by the debtor or occupied by them to inspect these facilities and storage facilities, if necessary, to force open and seal such premises and storage;
5) seize the debtor‘s property, seal, withdraw, transfer such property to store and sell it in the manner prescribed by law;
6) seizure of cash and other assets of the debtor, including the funds on accounts and deposits in banks, other financial institutions, securities accounts, as well as to seal the offices, storage space and money;
7) with the consent of the owner to use the facilities, including municipal property for temporary storage of seized property and vehicles the creditor or the debtor for the transport of property;
8) apply to the court which issued the executive document, a statement explaining the decision to issue a duplicate of the executive document on the establishment or modification of the order and the method of execution, postponement and installment execution;
9) to apply to the body (official) that issued the executive document for clarification of the content of the document;
10) apply to the court with the idea of ​​tracing the debtor - an individual or a child or a reasoned decision ruling on forced penetration into housing or other property of the debtor - individual or other entity in which the debtor‘s property or the property and assets belonging to the debtor by other persons or a child in respect of which the writ of execution on its confiscation;
11) cause individuals, officers on the executive documents in enforcement proceedings, and if the debtor fails to appear without good reason, make the decision about his drive through the organs of internal affairs;
12) engage in the prescribed manner to the production of executive actions of witnesses, employees of internal affairs bodies and other entities, as well as experts, professionals, and for the evaluation of the property - the subjects of appraisal activity - business entities;
13) impose penalties in the form of a fine on the physical, legal entities and officials in the cases provided by law;
14) used in the implementation of executive actions a video, photography and filming;
15) in the implementation process in the presence of a reasoned decision of the court on forced penetration into housing or other property of an individual to freely enter the land into residential and other premises of the debtor - natural person, the person who is the debtor‘s property or the property and assets belonging to debtor from the other persons to carry out inspection in them, if necessary, forced to open them in the prescribed manner with the involvement of law enforcement officers, to seal such premises, seize, seal and seize assets belonging to the debtor which is located there and is legally possible to foreclose;
16) demand from financially responsible and officials debtors - legal entities or debtors - individuals providing explanations on the facts of non-enforcement or legal requirements of state executor or other breaches of the law on enforcement proceedings;
17) to inform the preventive effects of public authorities, public associations, labor collectives and the public at the place of residence or work of the person about the facts of violation of the requirements of the law on enforcement proceedings;
18) in case of failure of the debtor to perform the obligations incumbent upon him the decision to apply to the court for the establishment of temporary restrictions on the right exit of the debtor - physical person or the head of the debtor - legal entity from Ukraine - to the fulfillment of obligations by the decision;
19) if necessary, bring to the organization or conduct of executive actions of economic entities, including a fee for advance payment by the claimant;
20) exercise other powers stipulated in this Law and other laws.
Therefore, the actions of the state Executive in your case are legitimate.