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The state registration of property rights to immovable property and their encumbrances / How to remove the arrest of property?
To RENT arrest (encumbrances) of real property (apartment, house) can apply to any unit of the State Registration Service, not necessarily the location of the property.


1. A document indicating the withdrawal of arrests, bans, suspension MORTGAGE ETC.

2. payment services
Everything Else Do we:

1. Fill in the application;

2. The payment of the required fees;

3. Submit your application to the State Registration Service.

The documents confirming the suspension or the imposition of arrest include:

The emergence burdens:
- A court decision which establishes encumbrances of rights to immovable property which entered into force;
- Decision of the investigating judge during the preliminary investigation or court proceedings during the seizure of real property as a measure to ensure the criminal proceedings;
- Decision on Bailiffs complication of rights to immovable property;
- Defined by law document which committed notary inscription on the imposition of the ban on the alienation of immovable property;
- A contract concluded in the manner prescribed by law, which establishes the encumbrance of rights to immovable property (eg. A fixed storage contract on things that are in dispute concluded between the parties to the dispute);
- A law that barred the use and / or disposal of immovable property;
- Other documents.

Termination burdens:
- Court decision on cancellation of injunctive relief;
- Decision of the investigating judge to cancel the seizure of real property during the preliminary investigation;
- Resolution of the prosecutor to close the criminal proceedings;
- A court decision, which came into force;
- If the burden of property law arose under the contract, then it must also be terminated in the manner specified by the contract. If the contract does not provide for termination charges, the substance of his suspension be considered a time when no longer circumstance which served its conclusion or recognition agreement executed or invalidated by the court.
- Other documents.

Time for the state registration of termination of encumbrance or origin - 1-2 working days from the submission of full documentation. During this period, the state registrar conducts state registration withdrawal seizure.