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The state registration of property rights to immovable property and their encumbrances / How to complete the application for state registration of rights and encumbrances (the ownership)?
The form of application for state registration of rights and encumbrances (the ownership) approved by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine of 17.04.2012 № 595/5 «On regulation of relations connected with state registration of rights to immovable property and their burdens."
The application for state registration of rights and their encumbrances consists of five sections:
- Type of registration: appearance (at the state registration of rights to newly built real estate, with the state registration of ownership of illegally constructed objects of immovable property, etc.), suspension (with the state registration of termination of property rights in particular on the grounds the destruction of property, treatment levied on real estate, etc.), transition (the transition of ownership of real property under the agreement, while taking inherited property, the acquisition of real estate public auction, etc.);
- Ownership (private, state, municipal, property ownership of other states or international organizations and legal entities of other countries);
- The kind of joint ownership, joint or common share (indicated in the case of joint ownership of the immovable property).
"Information on real estate properties." The section states:
- The type of object (land, house, apartment, premises, unfinished construction, building, structure or other object);
- Registration number of real estate (indicated in case the information on the immovable property in the State Register of rights to immovable property);
- Location of real property (specified area, locality named object, street, № house. / Earth. Works., № Bldg. / Section., № block / cold. / Sq. № BR. / Note .);
- Cadastral number of land (noted in the case of registration of ownership of land).
"Information on the subjects of law." The section states:
- Whether the applicant entity (the subjects of law in this case refers to the owner, another legal successor, party transaction, according to which there was ownership of real property, etc.); if the entity acting through a representative, the mark at this point does not apply;
- Type of entity (person or entity);
- Surname, name and patronymic of physical person / legal entity name, entity (in full);
- Tax number entity;
- A document of identity (passport or other document (eg. A certificate of state registration of legal entities) with indication of its series, number, date of issue and publisher).
"INFORMATION ABOUT THE APPLICANT (authorized person)." The section specifies information about a representative entity. If the applicant is a legal entity, this section is not filled.
The section states:
- Name of authorized person (full);
- Tax number authorized person;
- A document proving the identity of the authorized person indicating his series, number, date of issue and publisher);
- A document certifying authority of authorized person (agreement, power of attorney, the charter of the legal entity, etc.) indicating the series, number, date of issue and publisher.
The last section indicates a way to get documents in person or by registered mail (if you mail it shall indicate postal address), and indicates the phone and signature of the applicant.
Note: Other forms of applications for state registration of rights and encumbrances (concerning other property rights, encumbrances on property rights, etc.) are minor features and its filling is similar to filling application for state registration of rights and encumbrances on property rights, above.