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Executory process / Who can be a representative in the enforcement proceedings?
The parties may exercise their rights and responsibilities in the enforcement proceedings themselves or through representatives. The personal involvement of an individual in the enforcement proceedings do not deprive him of the right to have a representative, except in cases where the debtor is obliged according to the decision to perform certain actions personally.
Minors and persons found incompetent by a court, exercise their rights and perform duties related to the enforcement proceedings, in accordance with the requirements of the law.
If the parties of enforcement proceedings is a person who has been declared missing, State Executive its decision to involve in the enforcement proceedings a person who is a trustee of his estate.
The participation of legal entities in the executive production is carried out by their heads or bodies, officials, acting within the powers granted to them by law or by proxy of the legal entity.
The powers of the representative to be confirmed power of attorney issued and executed in accordance with the requirements of the law.