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Executory process / Implementation of the apartment / house at public auction
Open tenders for the implementation of the arrested real estate at the request of the State Executive organizes and conducts specialized dealers.
Guarantee fee - a pledge that pays for one lot natural or legal person, the amount of which shall not exceed 15 percent of the starting price, while the sale of the mortgage - 5 percent of the starting price of the lot.
Public procurement must be held within two months from the date of receipt of the application by a specialized organization of the state performer on their conduct.
The information on the non-residential premises in addition indicate:
size of the area; location; object designation; restrictions on its use; wall materials; the percentage of wear; information about the area, which is non-residential premises (its legal status and size)
To participate in the public auction the buyer delivers specialized organization:
application for participation in public tenders;
documents confirming payment of the guarantee fee.
When submitting an application the applicant shall present a passport or other document proving his identity; if he acts as a representative of a legal person - the proper authorization.
Public bidding starts with the announcement of the order of their auctioneer.
Lot put up for auction in the presence of at least two buyers, and in the case of the sale of the mortgage - one.
For each lot put up for public auction, auctioneer announces the number listed in the information card, the name, a brief description of the property, the starting price.
During the trading participants of the public bidding report stated willingness to buy auctioneer announced the auction for the price, raising the auction card with the number facing the auctioneer, or simultaneously raise membership card public auction and offer good value for money.
In the case of non-realization with any reason the property at public auction, bids reappointed. At the second auction starting price of the lot can be reduced, but not more than 30%.
If within three minutes after the triple repetition of the last price will not be offered a higher price, then the auctioneer together with the hammer to announce the sale of lots, calls selling price and number of the winner, under which it is registered as a participant in a public auction.
The head of a specialized organization, which conducted public auction, according to the minutes of the relevant amounts and account numbers that are the winner you need to make money for the acquired property, and approves the minutes of the day of the public bidding.
Copies of the approved protocol issued winner of public tender and the public executor within three days from the date of the auction.
On the basis of a copy of the approved minutes of the winner of the public auction within seven banking days from the date of approval of the minutes, not counting the day of public trading, settles for the purchased property at public auction in the order of the buyer shall transfer to the deposit account of a public service executive specified in the approved protocol public bidding amount of money that is equal to the difference between the sale price of the lot they purchased and the amount of remuneration of the specialized organization for this lot, paid to the current account of the organizer of public trading.
After full payment of the buyers purchased property on the basis of a protocol on holding public auctions and copies of documents confirming the payment for the acquired property, State Executive constitutes an act of a public tender and submit it for approval to the head of the relevant body of the state executive service.
State Executive approved the act gives the buyer.
Based on this act of the notary shall issue a certificate to the buyer to purchase real estate at a public auction and register ownership of the property.