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Protection of intellectual property / Someone has stolen the name of my company, and a registered trademark. What to do? How to protect your brand?
First we need to understand that the question is not so simple. In order to answer it, you must get your hands full legal picture. Much depends on what formezaregistrirovanna Brand your competitors and which classes of the Nice Classification.
In any case, do not panic. If you start business under a certain brand name (designation), your right to the first user provided for by law, namely Article 500 of the Civil Code of Ukraine. The question is only who will represent your interests in this dispute. It should be understood that in this faulty state of law, judicial practice in such disputes shows radically different results.
We advise you to contact the experts, and not to delay the matter. Even in such difficult situations, the competent patent attorney will always be able to find the right solution.