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Registration and activities of FLP, PC, LLC, PО / Whether in the public organizations included team members?
The Law of Ukraine "On public associations", which expired January 1, 2013, provided for the concept of collective membership - that is, groups of enterprises, institutions and organizations (both legal status and without such status) could be members of NGOs in order stipulated by the charter.
Since January 1, 2013 came into force the Law of Ukraine "On public associations", which found that members of the public organization can only be individuals and members of public unions - both physical and legal persons. Collective membership this law is not provided.
Thus, the present collective members can not be members of public organizations.
In addition, civil society organizations registered to 2013, are obliged in 2018 to bring its statutes into conformity with the Law of Ukraine "On public associations". That civic organizations registered to 2013 and are available in the charter provisions on collective membership required for 2018 exclude such provisions by making appropriate changes to the charter.