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Registration and activities of FLP, PC, LLC, PО / Who performs registration of PO?
According to the law imposed duties at the State Registration Service of Ukraine Department legalization of citizens, state registration of print media and news agencies performs the following tasks:
- Conducting a legal examination of statutory / constitutional documents, verification of information contained in the documents submitted for registration (legalization) and prepares legal opinions and orders on State Registration Service:
a) legalization accordance with applicable law Ukrainian non-governmental organizations, national unions of associations, legalization compliance status of national trade unions and associations;
b) registration of political parties, national and international NGOs, national and international associations of associations; offices, branches, representative offices and other structural units of public (governmental) organizations of foreign countries in Ukraine;
c) the state registration of national and international charities, national creative unions; Chamber of Commerce of Ukraine, the Construction Chamber of Ukraine; associations of employers, international organizations of employers; associations, credit unions, permanent arbitration courts;
g) registration symbols NGOs, political parties, charitable organizations nationwide, international and local status;
e) registration statute Social Insurance Fund of accidents and occupational diseases statute Social Insurance Fund on temporary disability statutes other funds of compulsory social insurance if their registration to the laws of Ukraine;
e) registration statute territorial community. Kyiv;
g) registration of national associations of local authorities,
g) registration of lawyer associations;
c) register, taking into consideration the approval of amendments to the statutory documents and governing bodies registered (legalized) community groups;
a) state registration of print media nationwide, regionally and / or abroad (hereinafter - the print media), as well as news agencies of information activities (hereinafter - agencies);
- Serves as the registrar Unified Register of community groups, the State Register of print media and news agencies as subjects of information activity according to the regulations of these registers.
Thus, after preparing the necessary documents for legalization should refer to the relevant departments of the State Registration Service of Ukraine.