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Registration and activities of FLP, PC, LLC, PО / What documents are required for registration of the LLC?
In order to register a legal entity founder (founders) or authorized persons must personally present the State registrar (send mail with an inventory or in the case of electronic documents to submit a description that contains information about the electronic documents sent in electronic form) the following documents:

- A completed registration card for the state registration of a legal entity;
- An original (copy, certified copy) solutions founders or body authorized by them of a legal entity in cases stipulated by law;
- Two copies of constituent documents (Charter);
- A document confirming payment of the registration fee for the state registration of legal entities. In the case of electronic documents for state registration of legal entity confirmation of payment for the state registration of the legal entity is an instance of electronic payment document certified by electronic signature;
- Information on documents confirming the ownership structure of founders - legal entities, which allows to determine individuals - owners of substantial participation of these entities.