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Registration and activities of offshore companies / Panama Offshore Jurisdiction
Currently one of the most popular offshore jurisdictions is the Republic of Panama.

The state in Central America to Panama isthmus between the Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean. Capital -. Panama.

Panama tax system based on the territorial principle. Panamanian companies that operate outside the state and receive income from sources outside the country is non-resident.

Accordingly, not taxed, do not require delivery of the annual accounts and is inexpensive to maintain.

Sociedad Anonima (SA) - Corporation. Registered under the law corporation 32, 1927.
Name Panamanian company must end with the words Sociedad Anónima, Corporation, Incorporated or corresponding abbreviation SA, Corp, Inc.

Special permission is required such names containing words: Assurance, Insurance, Trust Company, Bank, Building Society, Chamber of Commerce, Imperial, Municipal, Royal, and others. Standard authorized capital of Panama is 10 000 USD.

No requirements on compulsory payment and a minimum and maximum size.
A minimum of three directors. Allowed director - legal entities.

Available services nominee directors and shareholders.

Requirements for disclosure of information on beneficiaries available.

The annual state fee of 350 USD - with standard authorized capital.

By extension of time companies are awarded substantial fines.

Tpday Panama absent in the list of offshore zones of Ukraine.