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Registration and activities of offshore companies / Denmark
Denmark refers to onshore jurisdictions with a standard level of taxation. Denmark is attractive as a tool of tax planning when registering a holding company. Danish agreement on avoidance of double taxation concluded with more than 80 countries, which allows using the Danish holding companies in international tax planning. It is also possible to obtain a certificate "of tax residency."

Organizational and legal form:

Anpartsselskab (ApS) - a private company with limited liability, registered in the Danish Commerce & Companies Agency - Erhvervs & Selskabsstyrelsen.

The name must end with the word ApS.

Standard authorized capital of 80,000 DKK.

To be made at once (some 11 000 EUR).

Registered shares of par value. Bearer shares are prohibited.


Financial report (Annual account), served no later than 6 months after the end of the financial period.

Tax Report (Tax return) to the audit, served after the end of the tax period, usually up to 31.12.

For late filed reports accrued significant penalties.


Standard income tax amounts to - 25%. Subject to tax all income of the Danish company.

The holding company, receiving all their income from the holding activities, under certain conditions, may be the effective rate - 0%.

Withholding tax:

28% - dividend;

25% - payment of interest and royalties.

Perhaps the reduction in the rate of agreement for the avoidance of double taxation to 0%.

VAT - 25%.

Agreement with Ukraine: the avoidance of double taxation.