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Registration and activities of offshore companies / Offshore jurisdictions Hong Kong
Hong Kong is one of the largest financial centers in the world, and the volume of foreign trade among Asian countries as well as the largest credit center with a highly developed banking system in China and one of the leaders in the number of foreign exchange transactions in the world.

Hong Kong belongs to the low-tax jurisdictions, but with tax on a territorial basis.

The organizational form of the company:

Sompany Private Limited by shares - a private company with limited liability on the shares.
Public Company Limited by shares - a public limited company by shares.

Limited Partnership - Limited Liability Partnership.
The name must end with the word Limited or the abbreviation Ltd.

Special permits are required titles that contain the words: Bank, Insurance, Assurance, Savings, Trust and others.

Standard authorized capital of 10 000 HKD (usually 10,000 shares with a nominal value of 1 HKD).

The minimum share capital issued by the company - two shares of par value.

Bearer shares are prohibited.

Available services of nominee directors, shareholders.

Annual reports

Annual Return. It provides information about the registered office, partner and managing bodies of the company.

Financial Accounts. Includes profit / loss statement and balance sheet, which is accompanied by the Directors‘ Report. The company must keep books for a clear understanding of the company‘s affairs and financial transactions. All accounts must be checked Certified Public Accountant (Certified Public Accountants), which has a license for the practice in Hong Kong. Annually, the company must provide their financial statements to the auditor.

For the approval of accounts and reports of directors and auditors, no later than 18 months from the date of incorporation of the company shall be held the first Annual General Meeting (First General Annual Meeting).

The registered company that conducts its business outside Hong Kong, is exempt from taxes.

Income tax for companies that have received profit in Hong Kong, is - 16,5%.

The company, which is not a resident, earned a profit in Hong Kong, in connection with the use of brand names, copyrights or patents, the tax rate will be 30% from 16.5% taxable for income tax.

Return on capital gains tax, property tax, dividends and interest received, are not taxed.

Not in the list of offshore zones of Ukraine.