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Registration and activities of offshore companies / Offshore jurisdictions BVI
KODEX Company provides advisory services for the registration and further support activities offshornoyh companies in the British Virgin Islands.

British Virgin Islands, is a "classic" offshore jurisdiction. Recorded international companies in the State (International Business Company (IBC)), are not taxed, do not require annual reporting date and are relatively inexpensive in the annual maintenance.

International Business Company (IBC) - a company of international business.

Registered on the basis of International Business Companies Ordinance 2001.

Name must contain abbreviations: Corp., Inc., Ltd., LLC, AG, GmbH, SA, BV and so forth.

Special permits are required titles that contain the words: Assurance, Insurance, Trust Company, Bank, Building Society, Chamber of Commerce, Imperial, Municipal, Royal, etc.

The annual state fee of 350 USD - the authorized capital does not exceed 50,000 USD; 350 USD - registered capital of not more than 50 000 USD, but has shares without par value; 1100 USD - the authorized capital exceeds 50 000 USD.

For late extension of the companies charged significant penalties, including the liquidation of the company.