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Arbitrage practice / Challenging the results of the public auction
With the adoption of the new Law of Ukraine "On enforcement proceedings" stanovlyatsya more frequent cases of illegal sale of property of the debtor. As a result the property can be realized at a lower cost that is significantly different from the market. No doubt, the result of the dispute process trades - is an effective tool against corruption schemes implement your property!

Common types of violations officials in the implementation procedures of public auction property:
- Violation of the order to seize the debtor‘s property;
- Breach of the assessment of the property;
- Breach of preparation and application to the trade organization;
- Violation of procedures public auction and others.

- Executive document (writ, order Commercial Court);
- The court decision (in case if there is no executive document);
- Warrant (notary - for individuals, duly certified by the seal and signature of the head - for legal entities). To prepare complaints against the actions of the bailiff, petitions, applications and others.