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Arbitrage practice / Purchase apartment with a public auction
According to the Law of Ukraine "On Enforcement Proceedings" bailiff zdiysnyuyeprymusove penalty awarded under the court ruling, during which the arrest, describes and transmits to the implementation of public bidding or that the debtor‘s property.
It is no secret that the property intended for sale on the public auction is a great interest, in connection with its small, compared to the market value.
However, in many cases, when after a happy buyer, buying an apartment with a public auction confronts many challenges relating to the implementation of his acquired property rights.
Remember that if you decide to go through the above, just count on podalshuneobhidnist eviction of previous owners and their removal from the register of.
Currently, the legislation of Ukraine does not order forced removal from registration accounting (statements) otherwise than by a court if there is no "desire" of the person.
Therefore, we are always happy to help you prepare a claim for possession, removal from the registration records and others.