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Arbitrage practice / The dispute on the recognition of the tax notice-decision invalid.
Increasingly, customers are turning to us that faced in its economic activity iznezakonnymy actions of the tax authorities, namely unfounded charges penalties in tax decisions messages.
Specialists of our company have successful experience in full cycle oskarzhennyapodatkovyh administrative notices, ranging from the preparation of objections to the inspection report, ending judicial appeals. We have prevented unjustified collection of about 1 million. UAH.
Entrust professionals to protect your interests.
We can:
- To prepare objections to the tax inspection report;
- Prepare a complaint to the superior tax authority;
- Prepare the administrative claim for recognition of the tax notice-decision null and void;
- Represent the interests of administrative courts;
- Present interest in the Administrative Court of Appeal;
- Represent the interests of the Supreme Administrative Court of Ukraine.