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Arbitrage practice / Who is responsible for the liquid is filled?
More frequent are cases zalyttya premises (apartments, offices, warehouses, etc.) due to the deterioration of the old water supply systems, heating systems, etc. with drawing substantial damage to property and premises users directly outdoors.

Then of course there is the question of who is responsible for the damage.

According to Art. 1166 of the Civil Code of Ukraine, property damage caused by unlawful actions or omissions of the moral rights of the natural or legal persons, and property damage natural or legal person shall be compensated in full by the person who inflicted. A person who has caused harm, it is exempt from compensation if it can prove that the damage is not its fault.

Given the above, the preparation of the claim for pecuniary shkodyvarto pay special attention to gathering evidence and supporting documents is the fault of the person who inflicted. In practice, there are numerous instances of courts refusing the claim on the basis nedovedenosti because of the defendant in the case.

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