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Questions about the treatment in court / Is it possible to apply to the court for recovery of the debt by a receipt, with only a receipt?
For debt collection receipts
Borrowing money - a very common kind of help each other in Ukraine. Unfortunately, not all lenders provide itself guarantees in the form of IOUs.
In case if the debtor (borrower) did not return you a loan (money, property, etc.), And you have left a written receipt - be sure to go to court.
Very often in receipts withheld term refund and addressing the court, borrowers find that day going to court with a claim is the day of the presentation of the recovery borhu.Taka view is wrong, and the court may deny you the pleasure of claim application if the debtor deny fact of it borhu.Otzhe obligation to return, in the absence of the term of repayment, you must contact the debtor a written demand for a return. According to the requirements of Civil Code of Ukraine, if the term of the obligation is not specified in the undertaking, such obligations must be fulfilled within seven days of the filing requirements. After fixing term liabilities there are all the necessary grounds for going to court with a claim for recovery of the debt.