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Protection of intellectual property / How to protect a computer program?
In accordance with Art. 8 and Art. 18 Law of Ukraine "On Copyright and Related Rights", computer programs are one of the many objects of copyright. Few people know that computer programs are protected as literary works. At the same time, this protection is provided regardless of the form and manner of expression of a computer program.
 The most important thing during the registration of a computer program - it is understood that copyright law protects only the form and not in any way the essence of the computer program. In fact, you get protection for the program code in the form in which it is registered.
In order for you to get protection for the result itself or the process that is provided by this computer program, you need to think about the registration of the invention or utility model. It should be remembered that such an outcome or process must meet all of the criteria necessary for (novelty, industrial suitability and inventive step).