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Protection of intellectual property / How to protect your trademark?
In order to ensure the protection of its own intellectual sobstvennostiponadobitsya a lot of time, not to mention the fact that you will have a long time to delve into the procedural aspects. As a general rule, to ensure the protection of the rights of intellectual property, including and trademarks, you must request this service from the experts. Thus you will save time and, on top of that, it will provide confidence that the task will be executed in the shortest time.

That can include the concept of a "trademark protection"?

In order to dispel the myth that ensure the full protection of TM can be yourself, give you a basic list of tasks that need to be solved for this:

- Constant monitoring of the brands that are served on the registration and receiving the decision on registration subject to violations of trademark rights of the customer;

- Collection of information and evidence of violations of the rights to TM customer;

- Handling complaints against violators of rights to TM customer (letters, notifications, claims);

- Organization of active preventive action by means of cooperation with law enforcement bodies of Ukraine;

- Introduction of the brand (mark for goods and services) in the Customs Register to organize control over the import / export of goods with the brand of the customer;

- Judicial procedure for protection of rights to TM customer (full support of litigation in all courts);

- Representing the interests of the customer in the State Service of Intellectual Property, Ukrpatent, the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine and others. State bodies.

Granted list of actions is not exhaustive. It is understood that the protection of trademark rights, as well as any other intellectual property, requires a personal approach to each individual case.

Use the services of specialists and sleep soundly.