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Protection of intellectual property / You are faced with unfair competition? This product was arrested at customs? Someone registered a right to your utility model / invention / industrial design / trademark and made them into the Customs Register? This product was stopped at customs?
You definitely need the help of qualified lawyers for the recognition of unfair patents invalid.
 - It fails a patent inventions, utility models, industrial designs the conditions of patentability;
 - The presence of the object of intellectual property signs missing in of submitted applications;
 - Issuing patanty / certificate in violation of the rights of third parties;
Recognition of the patent / INVALID CERTIFICATE possible:
 - Completely - in this case, invalidation of the invention, Poloznev model, industrial design, the brand is carried out in full, resulting in the owner of the intellectual property object loses all rights to the object;
 - Partially - it allows to invalidate the patent / certificate only in the part that directly violates your rights (in some cases, this option is strategically more advantageous than the invalidation of an object property intelletkualnoy completely).