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Legal support during the conclusion of contracts



Necessary information

  • Personal consultant throughout the procedure of contract development;
  • Preliminary analysis of the economic relations of the parties, your personal wishes and strategic plans;
  • Development of the Agreement, coordination of the result, making corrections and adjustments.

Service cost

Depends on the complexity and scope of work. 

The service includes

The service includes a preliminary analysis of the economic relations of the customer and the counterparty, ongoing consultations and the development of the contract taking into account all the customer‘s wishes. The procedure for agreeing the final version of the agreement includes discussion of the need for corrections and clarifications and direct finalization of the final version.

4 mistakes in concluding contracts

Additional information

Legal analysis of contracts (verification)

  • Personal consultant from the first minute of our cooperation;
  • Preliminary analysis of the economic relations of the parties, your personal wishes and strategic plans;
  • Complete analysis of the contract for compliance with legislation and your interests;
  • Making changes and / or comments to the Treaty.

Translation of the contract into English/ Ukrainian / Russian (international agreements)

In most cases, when Ukrainian companies have relations with foreign counterparts, the second language of contracts is English. We offer you the translation of contracts as a separate service (if you have your option contract) or the development of a new international treaty.

Analysis of international treaties

A common phenomenon in international relations is the situation when foreign suppliers offer their own forms of contracts. Please note that such contracts require mandatory verification. After all, in most cases, such agreements provide for the security of an exclusively foreign party and not yours. Conducting an analysis of the contract will allow you to identify the weaknesses of the agreement and make adjustments long before these weaknesses are used by your counterparties.

Legal support for the conclusion of contracts

Our specialists have a huge experience in preparing and supporting the conclusion of business agreements (contracts of sale, lease, franchise, license agreements, supply agreements, intermediation, etc.). In each separate case of the conclusion of such contracts, the presence of specialists is necessary, which will be able to point out in time mistakes or violations when concluding transactions.

KODEX law firm offers a full range of services to support the conclusion of such types of business agreements: 

  • Premises lease contract;
  • Work agreement;
  • Service agreement;
  • Subcontracting agreement;
  • Contract of sale;
  • Supply contract;
  • Contract of carriage;
  • Property lease agreement, etc. 

Popular Questions

What should I pay special attention to when signing contracts? 
We would like to note that there is no specific algorithm, under which you can protect your interests when concluding various types of contracts. We can only suggest that we always have to pay attention to the existence of all the essential conditions, such as price, term, subject of the contract, as well as other important conditions (responsibility of the parties, procedure for accepting work, terms of termination, termination conditions, etc.).

In each case, there are specific features, so we recommend that you contact the specialists of the Corporate Law Department of KODEX law firm. 

You have on the site the cost of the service is 1500 UAH. Is it cost for any type of contract? 
The website specifies the minimum price for the preparation of the contract. The final cost of each specific contract is determined after a preliminary analysis of your wishes.

If I need to make changes to an existing agreement, do you do it? 
Oh sure. We will analyze your contract, point out its shortcomings and offer you options for making changes to eliminate gaps in the contract.