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Registration of Public Organization


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Required documents

For the founders of individuals:
  • Copy of passport, post code and full address of registration;
  • Copy idetifikatsionogo number;

For the founders of legal entities:
  • Copy of the charter;
  • Copy of an extract from the Unified State Register.

Documents head and members of the management body:
  • A copy of the passport , post code and full address of registration;
  • A copy of the identification number.

Price and Term

The deadline for registration PO - up to 10 working days.

Services include

  • Consultations on the establishment of a public organization to the extent necessary;
  • Tax advice;
  • Selection of CEA;
  • Check here;
  • Preparation of a full package of documents;
  • Payment notary services;
  • Submission of documents for registration;
  • Receipt seal;
  • Advice on opening a bank account;
  • Preparation and submission of documents for obtaining the status of a non-profit organization;

How to register a public organization

Additional information

Territorial expansion of РО

The new order of public associations implies free choice of its territory. If necessary, the territorial expansion of your РО, such activity is carried out by recording separate units NGO in all settlements of Ukraine.

Sign all-ukrainian РО (РОS / civil society organizations)

Becoming Ukrainian public associations (organizations / associations) is possible only if at least 14 separate units registered. In addition, these units are registered in different administrative units (of Ukraine).

Popular questions related to registration POs

What are the POs?

Before beginning the registration of public organizations you need to determine its status. Public organizations may obtain a Ukrainian, local and international status. And from what will choose depends the cost of registration of public organization and the procedure of registration of public organization.

Does public organization aquire status of a legal entity?
Yes, according to the Law of Ukraine "On public organizations”, non-governmental organization in case of its registration becomes a legal entity.

Is the cost of services 4,500 USD final?

Yes, these costs are final to register with a local PO status (in case that the organization will work within a single administrative unit. On each additional unit of the future social organization to the specified value must be added to 30%.

Choose form public association

Public organizations - the founders and members can serve only individuals;

Public Union - the founders are legal entities, members may be both legal and natural persons.

Both legal forms as Public organizations  and Public Union, registration procedures are the same.

Who can be founders of the NGO?

The founders of the NGO can only be individuals. If the founders to become legal entities, in this case need to create a public association that status, scope of rights and registration procedure is virtually identical to the NGO, as under the law of social organization and social union covered only the concept of "Citizen unity. "

Is it necessary to register a trademark for the organization?

Trademark Registration - is a necessary event for each legal entity, including public organization! Remember, your unregistered trademark may become property of the other business entity!

As the subject of income of public institutions?

According to the Tax Code of Ukraine, the income of public organizations are exempt from taxation, but after the introduction of such an organization in the Register of non-profit organizations. As for the self-financing institutions and organizations established social organization, they have to pay corporate income tax.

What is the term for the procedure of registration of public organization?

The preparation of documents for the registration of the NGO is required from 1 to 3 working days. Registration of Social Organizations in the Department of Justice and the local district administration carried out in the period from 7 to 10 working days (depending on the area of registration). Due to the vast experience of our specialists KODEX, you can very quickly as soon as possible to register a public organization in Kiev.