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Registration of LLC


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Required documents

  • Copies of passports and tax identification numbers of the founders (if founded by individuals);
  • Copy of passport and tax identification number of the director (if the director is appointed and he is not one of the founders);
  • Originals of documents of association (if the founder is a legal entity);

Service cost

The cost of registration of a limited liability company depends on the selected package of services.

The service includes

  • consultations in the volume you need; 
  • tax advice; 
  • selection of KVEDs; 
  • name check; 
  • preparation of all required documents; 
  • submission of documents for registration and obtaining of the Statement; 
  • obtaining a company seal; 
  • obtaining the status of the VAT payer or the Unified Tax payer; 
  • provision of legal address.

How to register a company

Additional Information

Frequently asked Questions related to the registration of a limited liability company

I saw an ad in the subway that the registration of LLC is carried out for 799 UAH. Why are you more expensive? 

Please note that there are companies that deal with the so-called "mass" registration. All documents are typical and do not take into account the wishes of customers. We, in turn, offer an individual approach to each of our clients. We will, taking into account all your wishes, qualitatively prepare each document necessary for carrying out registration actions. When choosing a law firm, we recommend also pay attention to the package of services that is included in the price, availability of additional payments, etc. If you want to get quality, you have to pay for quality. 

How to register a LLC by yourself? 

To conduct state registration of a legal entity, you must personally submit the following documents to the state registrar: a completed registration card for conducting the state registration of a legal entity (form No. 1); a copy of the original or a notarized copy of the decision of the founders or the body authorized by them to establish a legal entity in cases provided for by law; two copies of constituent documents; a document certifying the entry of a registration fee for the state registration of a legal entity. 

But it is worth remembering that amateur performance in matters related to business may in the future serve you a dirty trick.

Is there a need to register a trademark for a Limited Liability Company?

Registration of a trademark is a necessary measure for every legal entity, including for a limited liability company. Remember, unregistered as a trademark designation, can become the property of other business entities.

A list of preliminary questions to the Founder

1) Name of your limited liability company? 

2) The location of your limited liability company? 

3) Number of founders of your limited liability company? 

4) How do you plan to form an authorized capital (money or property)? 

5) If you plan to form an authorized capital in money, then in what amount, and if by property, what list of property? 

6) How do you plan to distribute shares in the authorized capital among the founders (the percentage of each of the founders)? 

7) What types of business do you plan to do?? 

8) Is the management of the LLC sole (Director) or collegial (General Director, Deputy, etc.)? Who should be appointed as the head of a limited liability company?

If you do not have ready answers to these questions - prepare them. After ordering the service, KODEX specialists will provide a questionnaire. Having completed the questionnaire, lawyers will be able to prepare a registration package of documents. 

Bonuses for registration

  • Information materials for high-grade business activities of your company;
  • Forms of primary corporate documents (protocols ,orders,instructions) ;
  • Discount 1000 UAH . in the legal service;
  • Discount -50 % for trademark registration.

How to register a LLC by yourself

The procedure for registration of a limited liability company is the same for all regions. Distinctive are such territorial units as: Kyiv, Kyiv region, Ivano-Frankivsk region, Kalush due to the implemented program of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine "Extraterritoriality". The procedure for registration of LLC in 2015 is almost the same as registration of a limited liability company in 2014. At the moment there are several ways to start a business, with the help of a legal entity. You can purchase a previously opened LLC or open a new one. You can prepare documents for registering a new company either independently or with the help of KODEX lawyers. Not everyone is able to order the registration of the enterprise "on the turn-key basis". In this regard, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the step-by-step instructions for self-registration of a limited liability company (LLC): First of all, you need to determine the name of the legal entity. The name of the company should be checked in the State Register of Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs. If there is no such name, the next step is to choose a legal address. Please note that in order to register an LLC in Brovary or LLC in Kyiv, you must select the appropriate legal address within these territorial units. In the absence of such a legal address, it can be rented from the relevant companies. Also, you should prepare some documents in advance for registering legal entities. Depending on who acts as the founder (individuals or legal entities) this should be: passport data and personal tax reference number of founders, statutory documents of founders, passport data and personal tax reference number of directors, statutory documents (Charter of a new enterprise), protocol of constituent assemblies and register for it, the corresponding form of the registration card. Do not forget about KVED - the classifier of economic activities. It will be necessary when preparing the Charter and filling in the registration card. Documents are to be filed in the Tax Service separately. To do this, you need to select a suitable tax group. Find out how much VAT is needed for your company. Before you start to register LLC by yourself, you should familiarize with the forms of taxation that are contained in the Tax Code of Ukraine. For the fastest registration of a limited liability company in Kyiv, Kyiv region, Odesa, Kharkiv, Zaporizhia, contact KODEX lawyers. Our specialists will help to prepare the entire package of documents as fast and as qualitatively as possible, to select the necessary taxation group, providing all related consultations.

For free legal advice on the procedure for registration of LLC, please call (044) 227 09 93.